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Residual Current Circuit Breakers

Operating Principle
The RCB works on the principle of current balance. The Incoming conductors (Phase & neutral) are passed through the very sensitive torroid transformers from the primary winding and secondary electromagnetic relay, which operates the trip mechanism. Normally the contracts are held closed by a spring and open when this is released. If leakage occurs from either of phases or neutral side of circuit in this condition currents are unbalanced by an amount of leakage current and if this reached the rated tripping current of RCCB/ELCB then it trips and save precious human life.
Test Button
Test button is for testing the trip mechanism of RCCB. The test should be made periodically to ensure satisfactory working of components.
Technical Information
Rating Voltage 2 pole / 240 V~ 4 POLE / 415 V~
Current Rating 25A, 32A, 40A, 63A
Sensitivities 30 Ma, 100Ma, 300Ma
Tripping Time Less than 30 msec.
Electrical Endurance > 10000 Operation (Electrical)
> 20000 Operation (Mechanical)
Ambient Temp -5 to 500 C

Salient Features
  • Simple Operating Mechanism.
  • Mounting on 35mm DIN RAIL.
  • Special alloy contacts.
  • Compact size.
  • High Sensitive fact acting, trip free mechanism.
  • Test Button for regular inspection.
  • Very Low Watts Loss.
  • Dual Termination for Bus Bar as well as cable connection.
RCCB prevents when :
  • Poor Insulated equipments.
  • Loose connection, faulty wires.
  • Incorrect use of an electrical devices cause currents is flow through the wrong path.
  • In case of fire.