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Company Profile

New Tech started its glorious journey in the year 1998, and since then we have acknowledged the trends and practices of this industry and also the needs of our customers. We are one of the leading manufacturers and exporters of LT Switchgear products, and have created an edifice by consistent zealous efforts to grow with time, which is on the platform to satisfy futuristic needs. The highly experienced industry specialists fuel the professionalism at New Tech, which makes it the forerunner of the industry.

Quality, durability and reliability are at its best with our array of products. In case of electrical goods, safety is the biggest issue to deal with and this is where our LT switchgear products excel.

Our range of products include :-
  1. Miniature Circuit Breakers - They have the advantage that they can be manually reset without having to replace wire as in the case of traditional fuse.

  2. MCB Distribution Boards - Distribution boards are painted with latest powder coating technology. This ensures superior quality finish and also provide protection against corrosive atmosphere.

  3. Miniature change over switches - New Tech miniature change over switch can be used in various industrial and domestic applications in low voltage distribution circuits for switching to an alternate source of supply from main supply and vice versa.

  4. Single Phase Motor Starter - This provides protection from dangerous overloads to all electrical motor equipments and is manufactured with advance safety design features.

  5. Power Strips - The main feature of New Tech power strips is that it provides safety from overloads and provided in the housing of Plastic and Sheet metal. They are provided in 3 Way, 4 Way with & without MCB.

Providing our customers with an excellent quality standard has been the hallmark of our success. Our products undergo strict quality checks to be cleared for approval. Our impeccable quality credentials, guarantee complete safety to our end users. Our quality standards have been emulated by our competitors, enhancing the industry standards.

New Tech boasts of an excellent technical infrastructure and highly skilled technicians. Our state of the art manufacturing unit has resulted in the production of flawless products with complete guarantee and reliability. Our technological and research capacity in terms of professional skills and resources will continue to be a great source of our strength and makes our infrastructure more powerful.

The company's high quality products and assurance of good returns for money have fetched it the accolades from the reputed clients. All the customers appreciate our products on the platforms of quality and durability