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Mini Tiny MCB

This Mini Tini MCB can be distinguish with MCB which has short circuit breaking capacity 3000 Amp. These are compact in size for these can be housed in any type of switchboard and can also be used with modular plate switches.

Salient Features
  • Breaking capacity 3000 Amp. For 'B' and 'C' curve.
  • Consistency in tripping characteristics.
  • Finger safe terminals IP-20 degree of protection.
  • Thermal as well as magnetic release.
  • Easy to install with modular plate also.
  • Compact in size.
Technical Information
Standard Conformity IS : 8828 : 96
Types/Series B
Rated Current (In) 6-32A
Rated Voltage (AC) (Ue) 240 V
Rated Frequency (F) 50 Hz
Nos. of poles *SP *DP
Rate Short Circuit Breaking Capacity A 3000A
Magnetic Release Setting (3-5) In
Rated Insulation Voltage (Ui) V 500 V
Electrical/Mechanical Endurance -
(No. of operations) 20,000
Terminal Capacity (max)   Sq.mm 16
Vibration 5
Shock 40 mm free fall
Protection Class IP 20
Installation position Optional
Mounting Fitting on front plate
Housing Moulded Flame Retardent Thermoplastic Material
Current Ratings 6,10,16,20,25,32