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MCB Distribution Boards

Distribution Boards
(For Mounting Miniature Circuit Breakers)

Wide range of Sturdy, Spacious, Aesthetically designed Newtech Distribution Systems are suitable for all type of MCB's. The units are fabricated from the best quality CRCA Steel Sheets for good strength and finish. The distribution Boards are supplied duly fitted with Busbar, Din-Channel and Neutral link.

Distribution Boards are painted with latest powder coating technology. This ensures superior quality finish and also provide protection against corrosive atmosphere.


  • Aesthetically elegant comprising of individual decor requirement i.e. modern housing
  • Optional in income MCB / MCB + RCCB / Isolator + RCCB.
  • Fabricated from the best CRCA Steel Sheets for goods strength and long lasting finish.
  • Duly Fitted with busbar, DIN Channel and neutral link with the provision of sub-circuits.
  • Painted with latest powder coating technology which ensure the superior quality finish and also provide protection against corrosive atmosphere.
  • Provision of detachable gland plates at the top and bottom.
  • Key type and Round type foundation holes, for mounting the DB's.
  • Special brass incoming terminal Busbar & Neutral links are used for perfect distribution of current.
  • Suitable for surface of flush mounting.
Distribution Boards Range
TPN Single Door 4,6,8,12
TPN Double Door
TPN Ultra Series

Steel Sheet Enclosures without Neutral Link and Bus bar 4,6,8,12

Enclosure with Plug & Socket (A/C Box) SPN 20 Amps.
TPN 20, 30 AMPS.

Plastic Enclosures
Regular :

1/2, 3/4 Pole
1/2, 3/4, 5/6 Pole
Single Door and Double Door TPN, 4,6,8,12 Ways (available on reguest)
2 Tier & 3 Tier Distribution Boards Also available on request